About Butter Cut Social Club

What is a Butter Cut?

A Butter Cut is a slight fade of the golf ball, one that lands softly like a Butterfly with sore feet.  An effortless swing that has the feel similar to that of a warm knife cutting through a slab of butter. 


What is a Social Club?

A broad term describing a group of people that share a similar interest. In this case, the Butter Cut Social Club is a group of detail obsessed golfers who have a desire to “be in the good”. Butter Cut Social Club aims to drive the conversation forward amongst golfers about the evolving game, to ensure you're having fun and how to help keep “us” out of the “shite”.  The club shares a common goal that 5 yards matters and we’re constantly aiming to gain those few yards.


5 Yards Matters

For a golfer, “5 yards” can be a difference maker, going from being in the good or being in the shite, (the bad).  In the short grass or in a fairway bunker, in the long stuff, in a hazard or even worse, a lost ball. The Good, is something we strive for and always welcome more of.  

When it comes to clothing and the merch, the “5 yards” is referring to the quality, the branding, the difference maker.  A garment or item that can be trusted to be of a particular standard and quality.  Again, The Good, is something we strive for and always welcome more of.  

This is what Butter Cut Social Club was born from; the desire to be “in the good”.