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Mike at Wallasey

How the Butter Cut Social Club came to be


As a “40-something” year old, Canadian, who’s been playing for nearly 30 years, golf was something I did to help pass time during the summer months and something I completely abandoned come winter each year.

Throughout these years, I’ve witnessed the game evolve considerably. Not just from the obvious technological advancements of the game, but the golfing community and the “golfer” themselves.  Golf now transcends a modern culture – from fashion, influencers & celebrities, technology, tools, training, experiences to even some added drama from time to time. What has increasingly stood out to me is that while the world of golf is evidently a culture in itself, it is the attention to the detail that makes the golfing community unique in its own right.

Now, if at this point of the read you don’t know what I mean by this, then this isn’t the club for you. But… to the growing many who can instantly, not just understand, but feel what I mean by that last sentence, then welcome to the Butter Cut Social Club.

The Club’s mantra is that 5 yards matters. We’ve all been there. Five yards can be the difference between a great shot, shite shot, or it can determine a complete round.  We strive for the single yard gains. The improved accuracy of ball flight and control. The countless practice shots to make incremental improvements that keeps us in the short grass.

In 2016, I moved from Canada to the UK and became enamoured with the British approach and relationship with golf; it is more of a gentleman’s game.  But one where there is notable growing interest in the social side to what golf has to bring. To note, with my Canadian roots still front and centre, my golf game remains one with a beer or two in the bag throughout 18 holes. Some things never change, and I haven’t quite embraced the “wait till we’re finished” mindset.

The appreciation for the 5 yards was born from "the walk” for me. My relationship with golf changed when I replaced the buggy (cart for my North American friends) with “the walk”.  I started to really see everything around me. I started to learn more about golf architecture and the history behind it. Being a member at The Addington in South London, I’ve had the privilege of watching their restoration project first hand and get to see what the course looked like 100+ years ago and where it will be in just a few more short years. The transformation and positive changes are undeniable. 

The walk allows you to immerse yourself in the surroundings, to feel the land underfoot and to better understand how and why the course was routed as it is.  This is something you miss while riding.

Over the past 7 years I’ve met some amazing golfers and some absolute hackers, to whom I now consider friends. With countless long lunches, a pint(s) on the terrace discussing the history of courses, Top 100 placements, swing changes in progress, custom headcovers, ball markers and everything in between; it is clear that we all share a similar “obsession” or appreciation for the details and specifics of golf. It made me feel that golf has become something bigger to all of us.

And in this, the Butter Cut Social Club was born.

I launch the brand with a merchandise line that embodies the golfer’s appreciation for detail with the BCSC ball marker being the signature piece. Something we appreciate, use each round, and wouldn’t go onto the course without. Something so small that as a golfer we know, in theory, we could almost use anything to mark our ball with. But we don’t. We all have a specific ball marker we go to. The one which we appreciate the detail, craftmanship, and the weight of in our pockets. The feel in our hands, the balance it brings us.

The aim of this club is to bring a mix of merchandise that is of a certain quality and design for golfers in how we like to look and feel. And through this brand connect more golfers that share the same passion. 

Welcome to Butter Cut Social Club. Where 5 yards matters.